Do your habits support or prevent you from reaching your goals?

When we meet a new member, or work with current members and their goals, one thing we can guarantee is that path is not a …

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You run and bike, but you also lift weights right? (if not, you should!)

Strength is important and a very prominent part of our programming. The carryover of strength training to health, performance, body-composition is too great to ignore, …

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What are you telling yourself?

When you finish a workout, do you know what your coach wants to know? It’s not necessarily your time. Unless you discussed intention and the …

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We are Fernie Mountain Fitness…. Are we a Good Fit?

I mentioned this week this week that the COVID pandemic highlighted the important of our health. Healthy, fit humans are less likely to get sick, …

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Now what? I don’t know where to start..

This blip in time happened… You survived this crazy pandemic. A pandemic! I don’t know about you, but this last few months has been a …

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As the world turns…

As this whirlwind week unfolds, we have not only re-opened after the Covid closures but are now also in the process of re-branding our gym! …

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A Model of Unity but Today We Stand Apart

We are in our 8th year as a CrossFit affiliate and it has grown into a community of support, inclusiveness, and a platform where we …

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I want to lift weights, but I don’t want to bulk up.

This is a common phrase we hear when people (honestly, it is mostly women) are thinking about joining our gym, or thinking about starting a …

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Member Highlight: Ev Eijsermans

Oh Ev! We love you! Your grit, passion, determination, positivity, insane thoughtfulness, caring, kindness, and that adventurous soul. I asked Ev to chat a bit …

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Connection. Mental Health Week

May 4-10, 2020 is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s designated “Mental Health Week.” A time to draw awareness to mental health and a time to …

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