A Model of Unity but Today We Stand Apart

We are in our 8th year as a CrossFit affiliate and it has grown into a community of support, inclusiveness, and a platform where we focus on health and fitness. We are #morethanagym We are community. 

Our mission is to create a family of humble, healthy, happy people who kick ass and live the “Active Fernie Lifestyle” into their 90’s. To create a place that prioritizes wellness, proper movement, smart programming and healthy nutrition for long term fitness and health. We want to make healthier and happier people and make a positive impact on everyone. Everyone. Period. 

We generally do not use our platform for more than celebrating our members and our programs. But that changes today, we need to address something of vital importance. 

Today, there were words and actions from the CrossFit HQ Leadership that in no way reflect the values of our gym, of our team or of our community. This needs to be addressed. In times like these, and always, we need to stand up and that means standing away from a company that we have held in high esteem for the last 8 years. We are hopeful that all the passionate gym owners and coaches are not painted with the same brush due to Mr Glassman’s recent comments. 

We have more decisions to make regarding our future with CrossFit, but rest assured our little gym and community will stay the same great place it always has been. Conceptually nothing will change for our members or team. We will always continue to create healthier, happier people in an inclusive and supportive community. #morethanagym

~ Jana

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