Member Highlight: Ev Eijsermans

Oh Ev! We love you! Your grit, passion, determination, positivity, insane thoughtfulness, caring, kindness, and that adventurous soul. I asked Ev to chat a bit about her journey with us and here is what she shared. Thank you Ev. xo

We can not wait to give you that air hug from 2 meters away. 😉

“I’m writing this today on my Ann-Knee-Versary. 1 year post breaking my tibial plateau, your main weight bearing structure in your leg. I recall going to see Jana in the CrossFit office a week post surgery, on crutches. My only intention was to go in and discuss my options to pause my membership. But; she said, why would you not keep working out? I remember looking at her and wondering how she imagined I would do that being on crutches for at least 3 months… But – that was the beginning of an incredible positive recovery process. The coaches welcomed me with open arms and would adjust the work out to what I would be able to do on crutches. Without CrossFit I would have NEVER ever been where I am today – my upper body is stronger then it ever has been, and I’m back to doing all the mountain sports I want to do. I can not even express enough how grateful I am that Jana did not let me crutch back out, with having my membership put on hold. The support, love and strength I have experienced from CrossFit Fernie is something I will never forget. This gym is a home to many in our little valley!”

No excuses.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Determined and focused, Ev didn’t let an injury stop her training. She simply had to adjust her mindset and be open to modifications and changes made by her coach.

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