Why is Strength & Conditioning so Important for Teen Athletes

We work with athletes of all ages and from all sports. From hockey teams, to swim and ski teams, soccer athletes to competitive volleyball players. While their sports are very different, their need for Strength & Conditioning OFF the field, slope or court, remains the same. Even more so when high performance athletes are so focused on their sport specific training and their sport becomes a year round sport.

Traditionally the off-season is where they could double down and train in the gym, but it is getting harder and harder to find those off times. But it is crucial to make the time and add it into the overall training plan.

The importance of strength and conditioning can not be emphasized enough and this is especially true for our teen athletes.

Strength and conditioning training is crucial for teen athletes for several reasons:

1. Improved Performance: It enhances their physical capabilities, such as strength, speed, agility, and endurance, leading to better athletic performance in their respective sports.

2. Injury Prevention: Proper training can help reduce the risk of injuries by strengthening muscles, bones, and connective tissues, making them more resilient during sports activities.

3. Physical Development: During the teenage years, the body undergoes significant growth and development. Strength and conditioning training can support healthy growth and improve coordination.

4. Confidence Building: As teen athletes see improvements in their abilities, they gain confidence in their skills, which positively impacts their overall mindset and approach to sports.

5. Long-term Athletic Development: Establishing good training habits early on sets the foundation for long-term athletic development and can lead to a more successful sporting career in the future.

6. Mental Resilience: Training challenges can help develop mental toughness, discipline, and determination, which are valuable traits for both sports and life.

7. Specificity for Sports: Tailored strength and conditioning programs can target the specific physical demands of the sport the teen athlete participates in, optimizing their performance.

It is also essential to ensure that strength and conditioning programs for athletes are age-appropriate, supervised and led by qualified coaches, and focus on proper form and technique to avoid overtraining and injuries.

This is why we believe our focused programs are key to helping your teen athlete continue to excel. Coaching and programming is key.

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