Let’s talk Hydration! The why and the how..

We all know water is good for us, but it is the most common deficiency we have. We are told to drink water and to ...
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“Waiting” and “Starting Over” are ruining your Health and Fitness

We’ve all climbed that metaphoric mountain towards our goals, and then something knocks us back down again….. (Hello Covid!?) But it doesn’t have to be ...
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Do your habits support or prevent you from reaching your goals?

When we meet a new member, or work with current members and their goals, one thing we can guarantee is that path is not a ...
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You run and bike, but you also lift weights right? (if not, you should!)

Strength is important and a very prominent part of our programming. The carryover of strength training to health, performance, body-composition is too great to ignore, ...
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What are you telling yourself?

When you finish a workout, do you know what your coach wants to know? It’s not necessarily your time. Unless you discussed intention and the ...
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We are Fernie Mountain Fitness…. Are we a Good Fit?

I mentioned this week this week that the COVID pandemic highlighted the important of our health. Healthy, fit humans are less likely to get sick, ...
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Now what? I don’t know where to start..

This blip in time happened… You survived this crazy pandemic. A pandemic! I don’t know about you, but this last few months has been a ...
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As the world turns…

As this whirlwind week unfolds, we have not only re-opened after the Covid closures but are now also in the process of re-branding our gym! ...
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A Model of Unity but Today We Stand Apart

We are in our 8th year as a CrossFit affiliate and it has grown into a community of support, inclusiveness, and a platform where we ...
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I want to lift weights, but I don’t want to bulk up.

This is a common phrase we hear when people (honestly, it is mostly women) are thinking about joining our gym, or thinking about starting a ...
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