Why we are Strength AND Conditioning based

Strength is important and a very prominent part of our class programming. The carryover of strength training to health, performance, body-composition is too great to ignore, plus it’s been proven that resistance training is more effective at improving body-composition than cardio alone. (bonus!)

Strength training is accomplished through various methods, not simply a barbell. We use unilateral movements, loaded carries, sled work and band work within our programming.

Making strength a major component of what we do accomplishes a myriad of important things for our members:

• Improves body composition

• Improves muscular imbalance and posture

• Improves the strength of smaller muscle groups that assist in complex movements which then allows our athletes to perform complex movements with less risk of injury.

• Improves neuromuscular efficiency allowing your athletes to actually use more muscle fibers to generate more force.

Through our programmer, Jason Brown, we have a very systematic template to ensure we are making the most out of our members’ time with us, while helping them achieve their fitness and body composition goals. The following are a few ways we can accomplish this:

1 We train all planes of motion.

2 We couple our strength and conditioning work so the latter does not impair the former

3 Include single-joint special exercises to develop key musculature DAILY (in our programming the upper-back, glutes, triceps, biceps, and hamstrings get a lot of attention.)

4 GPP that work that consists of low-skill methods such as sleds, loaded carries, or lower effort aerobic work to bridge the gap between hard training sessions

– Source Jason Brown, Box Programming

We live in a mountain town, where endurance is huge part of our lives. It’s a reason why many move to Fernie in the first place. BUT we make sure, it is balanced out with appropriate strength training to help our member’s achieve their goals faster and smarter.

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