Teen Athletic Development Programs

New Program Alert!

We are kicking off our new Youth Athletic Development Programs the last week of September. With many school sports and activities on hold this year, training has never been more important and it should not stop. We will be focusing on overall fitness with youth strength and conditioning to benefit any athlete, in any sport.

This program is designed to help make your athlete stronger, fitter, faster with more agility, balance, stamina and stability within a safe, coached environment. And ALL of these will help your athlete in their sport of choice: Volleyball player? Basketball, soccer, lacrosse or Hockey player? Runner, biker, skier or snowboarder? All of these athletes, no matter their sport  benefit from being stronger and fitter. Being stronger also helps to reduce the injury rates in young athletes. (see this link for further information on benefits, injury reductions and debunking myths surrounding weight training for young athletes)

All sessions are coached and guided to ensure your athletes are moving correctly and safely for optimal performance. Now is the perfect time to introduce a smart strength and conditioning program to your child’s athletic development.

Grade 9+ Teen Athletic Dev Program

Mon & Wed 7:15pm. 6 week program.

One hour sessions, 2x/week. $185 + gst 
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We are very pleased to be working with our newest youth coach, Dagny Lentz. Dagny will be leading our Teen’s Dev Program.
​Aside from her love of sports including Strength and Conditioning, Mountain Biking, and XC/DH Skiing, she also joins us with years of experience and education including: Bachelor’s of Kinesiology, Bachelor of Education as well as being a Freestyle Snowboarding coach, Adaptive Ski/Snowboard Instructor For Whistler Adaptive Sports, Elementary to High School PE teacher and High School PE Coordinator for TFA for the last two years. Welcome Dagny!


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