Now what? I don’t know where to start..

This blip in time happened…

You survived this crazy pandemic. A pandemic! I don’t know about you, but this last few months has been a blur. The first couple weeks of March seem like a lifetime ago. The kids were in school, we were making travel plans & hoping for a beach holiday somewhere. In the gym, we were gearing up for a busy spring with our Endurance Prep, our Kids Programs. We were planning our annual member’s competition, summer camps and then BAM…. March 16th, we closed our doors and then time did a very strange thing. It sped up but slowed down all at the same time.

We transitioned our members to remote training. Why? Because fitness and health does not need four walls and nor should it ever take break, forced or otherwise. Now more than ever, staying healthy, solidifying healthy habits, moving, exercising, eating healthy and self care, needed to be a priority. Our members come to us for guidance, accountability, training programs, movement coaching, often larger life coaching, support and an all inclusive community. How could we step away and leave them on their own, especially right now? We transitioned within the week, loaned out our equipment, switched to at-home/minimal equipment programming and began a new journey. This all happened within a week and a half of closing our doors. We didn’t know how long this would last, but we knew that we had to work our asses off to keep our community moving, healthy and together.

What else did we learn? We realized how important our health is. When a pandemic hits, health is all we have.

And I’m not just talking about COVID-19. I’m talking about hoping I don’t need to go to the doctor’s office or hospital for anything else either. During quarantine a lot of doctors weren’t seeing people for their yearly physicals. I need to be in good health to be able to hold off a few months on getting a physical.

So you’ve taken the first step; you’ve decided to do something. You know you want to improve your health, fitness, and nutrition, but now what?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Looking for a nutrition and/or fitness plan can feel really overwhelming. There is just so much out there. I don’t know about you, but my social media feeds are filled with quick fixes and at-home workout plans. But we have found out working out at home is HARD. If it wasn’t, we would’ve all come out of quarantine looking and feeling exactly like we wanted to. The most heard comment from our member’s back in class? “Wow, I never pushed myself like this at home. I am so happy be back in with everyone.” While going through the motions and moving is better than doing nothing, it pales in comparison to training back in the gym, with your coach and crew.

I don’t just want a workout plan. I want someone to help motivate me, encourage me, and keep me moving safely.

No more guessing

When I used to walk into the gym with its rows of treadmills and ellipticals and groups of machines I had no idea how to use, I felt overwhelmed. When I learned what to do, I did the same boring thing every day. That didn’t motivate me.

Now when you walk into our gym, you are greeted by your coach in your personal training session or by your friends ready to workout with you in a group class. You don’t have to decide what the workout is. Your coach will tell you. You don’t have to try to figure out how to adjust the workout to your own skills or prior injuries. A coach is there to help you modify. Our training plans are designed by professionals who know what they are doing, they understand training, they understand energy systems, overuse issues, mechanics, goals etc. Topics that are more in depth, than most ever know, or want to know. That is all taken care of for you.

We want to help you

If you know you want to improve your health and fitness, but don’t know where to start, please come have a conversation with us. We want to help.

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