“Waiting” and “Starting Over” are ruining your Health and Fitness

We’ve all climbed that metaphoric mountain towards our goals, and then something knocks us back down again….. (Hello Covid!?) But it doesn’t have to be something like a pandemic, it happens daily with small little obstacles. Small obstacles that accumulate and send us down a whole new path, and very far away from where we wanted to go.

Just as we say “1% better everyday,” the opposite is true too! Making small positive changes to diet, lifestyle or fitness leads to great results over time. But NOT making those changes every day is ruining our health and fitness.

We may all have slightly different goals, but the most common ones we come across include weight loss, muscle gain, general body composition changes (toning up), performance goals such as training for a race or event, and overall improvement in quality of life. (wanting to feel and move better to live better)

What things get in your way to making those positive changes? The list often includes: A holiday, summer time in general, your job, your kids and family, visitors, an injury, the weather, taking care of someone else, finances, “insert latest event or crisis here” etc

As soon as a crisis happens and you hit that mental pause button on the plan you put together, all bets are off. The cheesecake, alcohol, french fries, and Netflix binging become a free for all. You’ll get back at it when life calms down, right?


Make your health a priority. How? Create daily habits that fit with whatever is going on that day, that week etc. Create habits of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep. Habits you do Not next Monday. Not when the company leaves. Not January 1st…. Something will happen next week, maybe even tomorrow. Life doesn’t really ever calm down if you continue to allow chaos to control your every crisis. You can focus all my energy on this new crisis. But nothing good will come of that. The situation is what it is and you can’t change it in this moment.

What can this look like in practice:

  • Wake up at the same time each day. DO NOT hop on a screen to check out the latest on Instagram or check your email. This creates a snowball affect of “reactiveness.” Instead, create a habit of mindfulness and quiet for a few minutes. Plan your day (rather than have it planned for you). Read a book, learn something new, improve yourself first thing in the morning. Even if this is for five or ten minutes, do it.
  • Win the day with a balanced breakfast. My go-to is an egg scramble with veggies, avocado and whatever fruit is in season. Plums are to die for right now, so juicy! And of course a coffee or two.. 🙂
  • Schedule your workouts. DO NOT cancel on yourself. Quit putting your needs and health behind everyone else’s. Period. This could mean you walk your dog every morning before work, hop down and do a quick set of pushups, squats and sit-ups before you step in the shower etc
  • Have good, whole foods on hand. If you are tying to cut out processed crap, keep it out of the house. Have a bin of raw veggies cut and ready. Have some lean protein pre-cooked to toss in salads etc. Eat veggies at every meal. We do not have to make nutrition complicated. Use the plate method, no measuring required. Half your plate is fruit and veg. A quarter is lean protein source. The last quarter is a starch. This is a super simple way to make small healthy habits part of your daily life.


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