What are you telling yourself?

When you finish a workout, do you know what your coach wants to know?

It’s not necessarily your time. Unless you discussed intention and the goal was to beat a previous score, or previous lift. Then we address that.

Your coach wants to know, “How did it feel? How did it go? ⁣” Let’s be honest, we have ALL been in what we call a “suck-fest.” You suffered hard…but you got through. You suffered not only physically with a hard workout, you were also being beat down by that story in your head… Have you ever had that voice telling you how hard this is, that you can not do this, that you should just quit, that this is the worst everrrrrrrr… Anyone? Hands up!

Let’s talk mindset and that inner voice. (hint, it is powerful!)

Before: You see the workout. Is it something you hate or something you love? Having that pre-conceived idea affects your performance. It is the beauty and success of how we program and what we do. Most people avoid the things they hate, but it’s often what they need when it come to overall fitness and results. For example, we all know folks who just love to lift. Lift light, lift heavy, just lift. But ask them to run? No way! We have actually had people walk out the door when they found out we had a 5k run programmed. Walked in, saw the whiteboard, and promptly said,” I’m out!” But was back the next day for deadlifts. 🙂 Or the opposite is true too. Some of us love “cardio” and want nothing do with weighted squats or presses. But having a well rounded program of strength AND conditioning is key to overall fitness, injury reduction, a better quality of life, improved body composition, and just basic awesomeness.

So next time you are faced with a workout you would rather skip, don’t. Change your thoughts. Don’t cancel your session, instead consciously and purposefully shift to “I GET to do this, rather than I HAVE to.” Tell yourself that squats will make you a better biker, or running will help you keep up with your kids. Having knowledge about why you are doing something is powerful, educate yourself and trust in the process. We have it laid out and it’s all about building you.

Instead of telling yourself, “this is going to suck,” tell yourself “this is going to be a challenge, but one I can handle.” Tell yourself “burpees are tough, but I am tougher”

What is your voice telling you after your workout? When the coach asks, how was that? Do you respond with “that sucked” “I did terrible!” Or the worst is “but I scaled…” Just stop!

⁣Whatever’s spoken after the workout is a reflection of what you were thinking during the workout.⁣
The body will do what the mind tells it. And like our bodies, we must train our minds. ⁣⁣

Simple changes of words can make all the difference:⁣⁣
“That was challenging and I did my best”⁣⁣
“Push-ups are hard for me but I just got better by doing them”⁣⁣
“The weight got heavy but I was able to keep my form”⁣⁣

Clarity of the mind.

If you aren’t training your mind before, during and after your workouts, it is time to start.

Watch your mentality, performance and entire demeanor progress in the right direction. Words, spoken internally or externally are powerful. Where is your head at, and what are you telling yourself?

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