Winning Warm-Ups

Do you have a set protocol for your warm up?  Or do you roll right into the gym and just go for it…. we get it!

Days are busy and you only have so much time for those gains… 

Our warm ups are fairly intensive but also efficient. There is always as method to our madness and reason behind what we do. We ask our members to move with intention and be deliberate in their movements. 

Here is more detail from our programmer Jacob on the “Why’s” behind our warm-up protocols. 

1) Light foam rolling of key musculature to promote blood flow. This should be brief (30-60s per muscle group), and non painful.

2) Active mobility. After delivering blood to the tissue we’ll put it through an active range of motion, this also gives the brain fresh info about the safe range of motion for the joint, as tissue quality can change day to day. Upward to Downward Facing Dog, Baby Makers with Thoracic Rotations.. 

3) Correctives! This is low hanging fruit for anyone who works at a desk (probably 90%+ of members). Thoracic Rotations, Bird Dogs and Deadbugs are fantastic here. Core activation and rehab work here. 

4) Circuit.  I like to keep this at to 3-5 movements so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Primal Movement has been shown to increase coordination, Duck Walks, Bear Crawls etc. Banded exercises help to wake-up the nervous system, because the resistance changes across the range of motion. Micro-dosing plyometrics. Plyos are great, but people don’t need as much as they think they do.

This might seem like a lot, but it takes about 12 minutes, sometimes faster as people become more adapted to it (another reason to keep a similar structure with your warm-ups). 

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to reinvent the wheel with every warm-up. If it works keep using it! Pro athletes do the..exact..same warm-up every day! Source: @boxprogramming

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