Member Shoutout: Gerard Paetzold!

Gerard joined us for last Fall’s Ski Prep Program and never looked back! He is a regular at our 6am classes and is so fun to have in classes. He works hard, and now trains 5 days a week to help improve his health and get a bit more “meat” on his bones 🙂 Here is a bit more about Gez:

I joined FMFA via the ski leg prep program.  Some friends spoke highly about the six week program, and I was needing all the help I could get with my ski season preparedness.
My initial goal was to be better prepared for skiing. The course really helped with that a lot.  Now I’m committed to training five times a week, with a view to continue to improve my health and fitness and get a bit more meat on my bones.
I keep coming because I am getting amazing results.  The passionate and informative coaches, fun and supportive athletes, and overall great vibe all contribute to these results.
Since joining I have put on a solid 10 pounds and feel so much stronger in everything I do.  How could I not keep coming?
It’s always nerve wracking starting something new no matter what age you are or what activity you are undertaking.  I couldn’t sleep the night before my first ski leg prep class! Just start, commit to a certain number of sessions per week, and let the coaches and process take care of you.
My first visit to Fernie was in 1996 after reading about 30 foot annual snowfalls in Powder magazine. I ventured with some mates from Lake Louise where I was working as a bellman to ski a few days.  It dumped and we had an epic time.  The seed had been planted.  It only took another 18 years for me to make Fernie home.  This makes me very happy.  Moto of the story, never say never!

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