Member Monday Shoutout: Denise McPhalen

We love having Denise as part of our FMFA community! Denise has been a member since February 2019. Check out what she has to say about joining us, and the awesome goal she set for herself 🙂

Why did you decide to join FMFA?

My husband was attending classes and encouraged me to give it a try. I’ve always been active but after having my first son I found it hard to find time for myself. Attending classes helped me carve that time out. 

Did you have specific goals when joining?

No specific goals when joining, just to move my body and feel good while doing it. Goal now is to one day do a handstand walk. 

What has kept you coming?

The coaches and FMFA community. 

What are the biggest things you have noticed since joining us (physical, mental, new healthy habits being formed? etc.)? 

The biggest things I’ve noticed is my confidence has increased, mentally and physically I feel stronger and healthier.  

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start or even for a current member? 

If your afraid move towards that fear, amazing things will happen. CrossFit was very intimidating for me at the beginning but the coaches and the community helped me feel comfortable very quickly. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions. Listen to your body and modify things as you need to. 

What is something we don’t know about you that you would be willing to share with us?

I love to bake and create new recipes. I also have a twin sister. 

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