The New Rules of Fitness

You had your routine dialled in. Your goals were written down, you were working and focusing. You knew your numbers, you were even a master at “barbell” math (we all know how challenging THAT is…) You were lifting, going to group classes, running, biking, ski touring. Something. Maybe even a few things. Maybe even close to all of the things

Then COVID-19 happened.

Your routine has been up-ended. You can’t go to the gym anymore. You haven’t lifted heavy in weeks. You don’t have your “you” time, your release, your community…

Reality is? We have no idea of how this all ends. Various jurisdictions are re-opening in phases, while others are still continuing to lock down even further. None of this is to be alarmist and of course we hope for better outcomes, but as of this writing COVID-19 appears to be a persistent, disruptive enemy.  

As strength and conditioning coaches, we always want our clients to be fairly adaptive–able to substitute movements as needed, willing to accept very good in place of perfect, and above all to just keep moving. Now, in these worst of times, the ability to adapt and push our fitness forward may be one of our most potent hedges against this new enemy, especially if we heed it’s lessons and adjust our best practices. As Bruce Lee famously noted, one survives by bending with the wind, not stiffening against its gale.

So what can you do at home, with no equipment or a single dumbbell? SO MANY THINGS! We often talk about bringing it back to “basics” Here are some ideas:

  • Work on your air squat, fix those positions. Build that base to be wide and strong so when life get backs to “normal” you have a solid foundation to begin building on again.
  • Work on your mobility and flexibility. This is one of our ten physical fitness skills and is something that can be dialled in right now.
  • Tempo movements, increase time under tension. You don’t have as heavy a weight as you would like? Trust me.

Now is not the time to focus on what you are missing. Let’s focus on what we have and what we can do.

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