Member Monday Shoutout: Harrison Kloke

Harrison joined FMFA in November 2020 and has been consistently training with us since. Here is is what Harrison has to say about joining the FMFA community:

Why did you decide to join FMFA?
I felt like I was stuck with my gym routine and there wasn’t a feeling of community to keep me motivated. I’d heard of CrossFit through friends and thought this might be what I needed to break out of that stuck feeling.
Did you have specific goals when joining?
My main goal when joining was to learn more about fitness and become a more well-rounded athlete to take advantage of all activities there are to do in Fernie.
What has kept you coming?
The people are the reason I keep coming. Fernie Mountain Fitness has a spectacular group of coaches and athletes that really make this a place you want to come back to again and again. 
What are the biggest things you have noticed since joining us?
Since joining, I’ve become stronger than I have ever felt previously and that has translated over to the outdoor activities I love to do. 
Do you have any advice for anyone looking o start or even for a current member?
My advice to new members would be to just focus on making one improvement every workout. Improvement can be lifting a little bit more than last week, beating your previous time on the workout, or feeling like you’ve improved your technique. You may come in at the start and feel overwhelmed by some of the movements or workouts(I know I felt this). Focusing on one improvement at a time has helped me make progress when I’ve been frustrated and break things down into manageable pieces for me to improve on week over week. 

Thanks for sharing Harrison! We’re grateful to have you at FMFA!

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