Member Monday Shout-Out: Marni Barlow!

We asked Marni if she would be willing to answer a few questions for us. Marni is consistent and dedicated and we just love her focus when in the gym. She also works in health care as an ER supervisor so has obviously felt the stress and weight of the last year and a half and dealing with all aspects of the pandemic. Thank you for taking the time on this Marni!

Why did you decide to join FMFA?

For me the 6 am class time was the clincher! I’m a morning person and the fact that I can get my workout done and still make it to work by 8 am (in Sparwood!!) is amazing. I also love the fact that I don’t need to think about anything as there is a set workout and someone there to coach me. I was actually a bit worried about the group aspect of FMFA as I’ve never exercised in a group setting – but it’s great! 

Did you have specific goals when joining?

Having spent 20 years going to the gym and never really seeing any change in my body, I was ready to see a change. 
What has kept you coming? Honestly, mentally I think FMFA has saved me this year. I’m an Emergency Room Nurse and started my new job supervising the Sparwood and Elkford ER’s 3 weeks before the pandemic was declared so it’s been a rough year and a half. Exercising regularly has helped me out immensely. I’ve managed to hold it together for the most part but I vividly remember last year sitting at my son’s hockey practice, reading the new COVID restrictions, misinterpreting them as meaning the gym would be closed, and going home and crying. I was so happy when I found out the gym would still be open. 

What are the biggest things you have noticed since joining us (physical, mental, new healthy habits being formed? etc.

Despite having injured my back recently, I actually feel like my chronic back issues have improved since joining FMFA. 
Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start or even for a current member?Just do it and keep doing it until the habit is formed. I don’t even think twice about my 5:15 alarm anymore. Also don’t be intimidated by the group setting if you are not typically a group exerciser. Even though you are working out in a group setting there is time to focus on your individual strength exercises and techniques, with the added bonus of pushing yourself a bit harder in the workout. 

What is something we don’t know about you that you would be willing to share with us?

I’ve ridden the Rhine river from it’s beginning to end with two kids in tow. Well, my husband pulled the 2 kids but I had probably the heavier (yet quieter) load with all of the supplies!

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