Member Monday Shout-Out: Don McClatchie

Why did you decide to join FMFA?
When we first shifted to work-from-home at the start of COVID, my weekend place in Fernie became “home”.    I had been doing crossfit for about 5 years at the time, so when FMFA reopened, I jumped at the chance to join and get back into shape. I find it tough o get motivated to work out at home.

Did you have specific goals when joining?
Regain the fitness lost during “lockdown” and get to know new people.

What has kept you coming?
The reason started out as regaining fitness, then it morphed to enjoying the workouts and the final evolution has to be enjoying the people and community at FMFA.

What are the biggest things you have noticed since joining us? 
Working from home is mentally tough so having the FMFA community there at 6 pm every day is a big part of staying mentally healthy. The programming has definitely helped with strength gains.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start or even for a current member?
It can seem intimidating at first with unfamiliar movements and a group of people who know each other very well, but like the Pat Sherwood poster on the wall says, its about having fun and making it the best hour of your day. Everybody there, both coaches and fellow members all want to know you and help you grow. 

What is something we don’t know about you that you would be willing to share with us?
I used to be an adventure racer and distance runner – lets just say my physique (and enthusiasm for running) has changed a bit since starting crossfit 7 years ago!!!! 

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