Member Highlight: Vee

Why did you decide to join FMFA?
I did CrossFit back home so when I moved to Fernie, I started off with the New You Challenge and have been there ever since with a few breaks here and there.

Did you have specific goals when joining? What has kept you coming?
I love working out at 6am with my usual crew we don’t talk much until about 6:15ish but my daily apple always starts conversation when it’s a bad one or a delicious one, Ambrosia is my go too right now FYI 😉

What are the biggest things you have noticed since joining us (physical, mental, new healthy habits being formed? etc.)?
I love routine, and when my routine is out of wack, it’s no bueno. Keeping on track helps me stay focused mentally and physically I definitely notice the shift in my energy when I am having a break sometimes, which are always needed every now and then too.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start or even for a current member?
Let’s be honest this style of training is intimidating at first , and we have ALL been there at the start. We don’t bite and we are all so awesome, we have great coaches that are there to help you and ensure you have great technique, they are there for a reason so please listen to them. I’ve been doing this style training for nearly 10years, and there’s still a BUNCH of movements I just can’t get, and that’s OK! There’s a modification for EVERYTHING! You are in great hands 😊  Do what works for you but always remember to push yourself too.

What is something we don’t know about you that you would be willing to share with us? Even silly things are awesome to share! Hmmm… I’ve started to make my own clothes (attempting to), I am working really hard on not buying fast fashion, and just being more mindful on my purchases, so if you see me in something that’s falling apart just be mindful that I could have made it HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Baby steps.

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