Member Highlight: Leann!

Leann is killing it in the gym (and out!) so we reached out to her to get a bit more information on her journey with us the last couple years. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. These interviews help a lot of people who may be a bit hesitant to step through our doors. xx

I joined FMFA May 2019, as the gym I was going to closed down,. My sister had started CrossFit 7 months before and was saying how much she was liking it and knew that I would as well (also my aunt and cousin are members)

I feel healthy, strong and have more energy which has helped in my day to day activities 

My advice is to Just Start, you will be amazed at what you are capable of! Don’t let fear stop you-I was scared and nervous to start as I felt I needed to be in extreme shape first, which Is not the case-you can scale any workout to your abilities. Honestly joining has been the best decision I have made! The staff and members have been so supportive and are always cheering you on.

My favourite thing about FMFA is that the workout is laid out for you: You can show up and get in a great workout without having to think too much about it. It’s so nice having the coaches there to make sure that you are lifting correctly to get the best results and to avoid injuries. I also like the variety of the workouts and the combination of strength and cardio, which are always working different muscle groups. I love that you are able to continually challenge yourself! 

Thanks Leeann! We love your focus, dedication and consistency, and it is sure paying off!

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