Covid Safety Protocols

What a year! We have done more shifts and pivots than we can even count. But we love a challenge and never back down when things get hard.

With the latest BC Public Health Orders, I can assure you that we are following ALL orders and guidelines. They seem to be changing on a daily basis but I am following all changes more closely that you can imagine. This is my business, my livelihood and so very important to many people. I can assure you I am doing everything that is required in order for our doors to remain open. Our gym is not about 6 pack abs, or vanity. It is health, it is wellness. It is mental well being, an emotional outlet. While liquor stores were allowed to remain open through the first shut down as they were deemed essential. What we do is also essential for our members. A healthy outlet for stress, frustration, & life. One that is proven to be a key in aiding in mental AND physical health.

We have strict safety protocols with an updated Covid Safety Plan. We were just inspected by WorksafeBC a couple days ago to confirm what we are doing falls within all necessary guidelines.


  • DO NOT enter if you are sick, have any symptoms, or can answer YES to any of the self assessment questions listed at the front door. 
  • By entering our facility, you are confirming you have completed the self assessment and are clear
  • You must wear a mask at all times within our facility
  • Sanitize your hands when you arrive
  • Respect social distancing 6 ft rule at all times
  • Clear the front door area as quickly as possible to reduce congestion and maintain appropriate social distancing 
  • Try to stay in your individual workout grid whenever possible and maintain 6ft distance if out of it
  • Clean ALL equipment when done with provided sanitizer and paper towel. Dispense of garbage in closest garbage bin to you
  • Clean your grid floor area of any sweat, chalk etc
  • Take all personal belongings home, please do not leave anything at the gym


  • Our max capacity for members is 12 per hour training block. 
  • There are 12 very well laid out and socially distancing work out areas for you to come in and do your own individual workouts.  We have 6 grids in the back, and 6 in the front. You pick your grid spot or the working coach may advise you which spot will be best based on what you will be doing for your workout.
  • We have spread various pieces of equipment around to reduce bottlenecks. We have added more garbages to the floor, spray bottles and paper towel assigned to each grid etc to help keep out of the tight areas.
  • Please put your sanitized equipment back where you found it
  • We have labeled specific racks, rigs and wall space to coordinate with the numbered “grids” as well. Ie if you are in #4, you use #4 rig, #4 rack, #4 wall space etc This is to ensure you are always remaining socially distanced
  • Masks must be worn at all times, even when working out
  • Open gym slots are one hour in length. Please come on time because once the hour is done, you will have to leave as the next times will be booked.
  • Choose Low intensity exercises to ensure breathing remains un-elevated.
  • Socializing should be avoided so unfortunately we can not linger and chat. Sorry…I know it is a fave part of our great community 🙁

We are more than a gym. We are health, both physical and mental.

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